How to Build a premium Website in Nigeria Faster using N12000 or Less

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This Post How to Build a premium Website in Nigeria Faster using N12000 or Less is created to let you know that you can now Build your business website in Nigeria, Company site in Nigeria, eCommerce site in Nigeria, NGO Portal in Nigeria and Banking portals in Nigeria by spending less fund. As a Matter of fact, you will be building and getting your site in Online by paying less than you are supposed to pay and your website will still have all the ingredient a professional look any corporate website have. The good thing about the service which is being rendered by Web Digital Solution is that you practically get 1Year Free Webhosting, 1Year Free WebDomain Registration in Nigeria and a free Web Application Script in Nigeria plus unbeatable dedicated customer care services all in one place.

You may ask why is our coming given such bonus and offer to the public, the answer is very simple we want business in Nigeria to go online and not only that but we want it to be done in a professional way. We are here to make sure Nigeria business is online and our vision is very clear, spend less in taking your business online and concentrate more on doing business web content and service promotion.


Business website is simply a website where you showcase your products and services to the general public. Business website is very simple to set up if only you know the basic ingredient to put in place to make it function like one. In this article, we shall try all our best to make a concise detail step you need to take to make sure your business website is set up and running in no time usually under 48hours. Keep reading to get all the juicy.


  1. Decide on the Nature of Website: You have to decide on the type of website you want to build that is if you want to build Blog website, Company Website, NGO Website or real estate. You need to decide the site you or your organization want to build by doing a keyword research and coming up with website that will be rank well on Google. You can read our previous post on how to Rank your business website in Nigeria in the first page of Google click here to read. Deciding the nature of Website you want to build and coming up with good Keyword Research is the centre point of building your dream website other things you need to decide on this is also the nature of website, offers, branding and lot of Digital Content Strategy you need to implement when your business website goes online.
  2. Get a Free Website Setup by Web Digital Solution: When you must have decide the nature of your website and do your keyword research as mentioned above, it is time to Get started. Web Digital Solution is one sport digital eCommerce Market place in Nigeria where you can get a free Website Template, Themes and various unique web application script. We have in stock thousand of scripts and web application that can powered both small and large website on a Go. Read more about web Digital Solution here and also study our homepage here for latest hot Digital Web asset on the market. How to get started is quite simple, navigate to the digital market shop of Web Digital, click here to visit the market place, Browse free the list of products especially on Themes either on wordpress or Joomla, Once the theme pump up, Go through the web Review of the theme and also view the demo portal to see exactly what you are getting from us when you make purchase. Let I forgate, always narrow your search criteria on the market shop with lesser price of theme, here are recommended theme for you:https://webdigital.com.ng/product/divi-theme-the-ultimate-wordpress-theme-and-visual-page-builder-by-it-now-in-nigeria/. More theme can be view from market hub 
  3. Pay for Web Application: Make payment for the chosen you have come up with, you do this by either mobile transfer, cash Deposit in the Bank, USSD bank transfer or using your ATM card. Once you have made your payment, Waite for support to confirm your payment and off course commence processing your web project, we usually delivered within 48hours. What Web Digital Do is very simple; we shall install the theme you have chosen and buy from us, do deep basic customization to it and hand over everything to you to start managing your website all within 48Hours. This is the best option for you to consider now in taking your business website online.
  4. Rank your Website: Once your website design and Development is fully done, it is time you start by ranking your website to Search Engine like Google. Ranking of your website is very crucial as it goes a long way in making sure your business is notice to your potential customers in Nigeria, we have a unique content post you can read now that explain basic web practice you can implement now to rank your website or just any business website in Nigeria click here to read about the article.
  5. Web Promotion: After Developing your website, ranking your website, it is time you start by doing simple web promotion to help take your business high. You can start by doing Social Media Sharing, Digital Content Marketing, Physical hand Bills promotion and lot of other well know business strategy you can implement to help boast your business website. We can also help you on doing the above mention stuff, click here to learn more about our other services on Web Design.


Getting your website online is like creating a physical shop. In the realm of Online business either in Nigeria or international, you have to do the above needful thing to get started. The online business in Nigeria or website creation in Nigeria follow the same traditional way we do and run business in the Physical World. More commitment, Dedication, Innovation is needed to take your business website in Nigeria to the next level of growth. Whenever you don’t pay attention to your business website, it take a bad shape of business pending when you come back to run it as a business. You can employ competent web Agency firm to help manage your online Business website in Nigeria that way you can see to it that your online business website take a good shape.


Creating a business online website in Nigeria is now made very easy and fast because Web Digital Technology is here to help take your business online without spending much on web project development. You can get started right now by visiting our eCommerce Digital Market shop here and pick up a unique web template for your business website in Nigeria and get online under 48ghours. Note that we will be there to make sure your webiste goes online start now or recommend this article on  How to Build a premium Website in Nigeria Faster using N12000 or Less.

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