How to Rank any Business website in Nigeria in first page of Google in 2018 and beyond 10 best practice

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Google index and ranking is the process by which a web developer or SEO specialist implement on page site keyword optimization to make a web page to be fetch up by Search engine crawler to be in the first front page of Google when a visitor type any or whole part of the keyword being implemented by the SEO Optimization Specialist or web Developer.

The above definition may seem very intimidating for a  newbies who are just visiting our website for the first time. In a lay mans term, Google Index and Rank is simply a process you do to make sure your website get pump up on search engine result page when a visitor type part or whole of what you have written on the your web page.

Why Ranking a site is important in Nigeria as a Business Website Owner?

One of the reason or if not the main point why most business website in Nigeria fail to make sales in Nigeria is because they are not found on Google Search Engine Result Page. This make it very important that you do your SEO Optimization and ranking through keyword optimization to enable Google Crawler to pick up up your website easily when a web searcher that is people searching for that particular keyword type it on Google.


  1. Develop your Content to be targeted: To rank your Business website in Nigeria start from you being able to organize your content very well from the concept of defining what your business is all about to going far of organizing your web pages and optimizing both the UI and other serious on-page and off-page optimization technique. You should not here to be mindful of how you optimized your website to avoid Google De-Ranking your website when the search Engine crawler go through your Web pages. You can hire an expert SEO for this or you can easily contact us for such services like setting of a custom website for you or you can click here to claim your free website by ordering for any of our web Digital asset template.
  2. Your Site Programming Language must be SEO Friendly: You must ensure that you are using the right Web Modern Building tools that are SEO compliance and that follows the standard web validation principle. Some web base application does not have this in mind and that is why so many or if not 80% of Nigeria business website does not rank well on Google Search Engine Result Page.
  3. Develop News Section: It is very important as a business website owner in Nigeria to create a new sectional centre to enable current update of news about your products and services. This help to make your website remain fresh and it help search to keep indexing and presenting your web page to your perspective customers each time a particular keyword that relate your website is being type by the prospective client.
  4. Reduce Web Image Graphic: You should avoid too many images on your website and too many advert    to avoid slow load of page. Write more of text than image on website. Google Search crawler pick interest mainly on website that contain text more than image base website.
  5. Right the SEO Word: You have to write your content well enough to be presented to the Search engine like you should use Heading, Hash tags, Underline, Line spacing, Bullet and lot more when necessary this is to ensure you let search engine crawler pick some point highlight from your write up either on your pages or on the new section.
  6. Read More on SEO Optimization and Ranking: You have to devote your time in study common SEO best practice from a reliable online forums, news blogs, Content SEO strategy web centre like Web Digital Solution. This will ensure you sta relevant to the current happening on SEO best Practice. You can use Google to search for SEO Web Forum and you will get a hand full of SEO base Web Resource centre where you can study and learn more about SEO and how best you can rank your business website in Nigeria.
  7. SEO Software Implementation: If your business website in Nigeria is powered by open source software solution like wordpress, it is time you implement On-Page SEO software solution to help in ranking your website in Google. Software like SEO  Yoast can get you started in Big way.
  8. Submit Your Website to Google Search Engine: It is very important that you submit your business website in Nigeria to Google Search Engine. This will help search engine crawler to know more about your the internal structure of your business website in Nigeria before ranking it to Google Search Engine Result Page.
  9. Use Paid Advert: We are listing this here as the best practice but we strongly recommend you implement the above strategy before thinking of going for paid advert. Paid advert like Google Adward, Facebook Ads can be done to help boast your SEO Ranking on Search Engine Result Page. You can practically run a paid advert by doing it your self or hiring a digital marketing expert for that. Note that paid Adevrt like Google Adward or Facebook Adward Cost Money.
  10. Link Share and Post Share: This option may seems not relevant but it also contribute a small significant on ranking a site to Google. What is Link Share and Post Share? Link Share and Post Share is the processing of sharing your advert on social media. You can share link of your blog post or pages on social media web presence like facebook or twitter. This contribute a fraction of your SEO Ranking in Google.


We hope you can implement the above 10 point to rank your business website in Nigeria easily in 2018 and beyond. Get a free website today by purchasing any of our web asset from our huge library of web asset, Click here to get started.