WebDigital Solution, Who We are and What we Do in Nigeria

Welcome to Web Digital Solution the only Nigeria No #1 Web Digital eCommerce Market place where you can buy premium web Tools for your next web Project. You can buy Themes like #Wordpress Themes, Joomla Themes, PHP Scripts, LMS, School Application and Virtually any kind of eCommerce Frame work  all at a Cheap price with Free WebHosting and Domain Registration in Nigeria using Web Digital Solution.

#What is Web Digital Solution?

Web Digital Solution is a #Premium eCommerce Digital Market in Nigeria place where you can buy premium web asset of international standard plus  a brand new free domain name and web hosting, free web installation and dedicated 24/7 support in Nigeria.

Web Digital Solution was launch to bridge the gap and space of not having a reliable source and platform for sales of web asset  that is created in the Nigeria web industry and also to make it very easy for organization in Nigeria, individuals in Nigeria and just any type of Nigeria citizens to create and develop their website without hassle and paying for high fee from so called web guru or developer. 

Web Digital Solution render it web asset eCommerce Digital Solution in Nigeria but it has a global recognition as we have our product being bought world wide.


1.Website Design and Development Training Course in Nigeria

Web Digital Solution also offer Corporate Web Diegn and Development training in Nigeria at affordable Cost. You can be trained to be a web Guru under 21 Days with Instant employment after your training internship at our corporate Head office in Enugu State Nigeria. Graduate of our program are expected to start their very own Job at our office or create their own brand for theme-self by building their online business. We have trained and sponsor hundred to thousand of student through our Web Corporate Training. You can access our Website Design and Development Training Area and register for the next Batch by clicking here here.

2. Web Design and Development in Nigeria

Web Digital Solution is a web Agency in Nigeria where small or large scale Nigeria base business can order for their website to be online through our eCommerce Digital Market place or through our official web design and Development page. We do  not design website like the traditional Web Design Company in Nigeria do. We give our client ability to browse through our premium Website Design web asset from our Digital Market place. They make selection for what they thick will be best suit for their web project and our team goes into full project development by developing their website base on their chosen preferred Web asset. It should be noted here that we build both Content Management System (CMS) website, Standard alone Web application using PHP, Codeigniter and other advance web asset tools that make your project unique to your business and we also put into consideration your Digital Content Marketing strategy to enable you boast sales and traffic.

Among Website we design for client across Nigeria are #Blog Website Design, eCommerce Website Design, Company Portal, NGO Website, Conference, ICO sites, Data Entry Application Sites, Social Network Site etc. One good thing about Web Digital solution Web Design Solution Service in Nigeria is that your website in respective how huge or small will be ready within 1 to 7Days.

3. Web Hosting in Nigeria

Web Digital Solution also offer Premium Web hosting Solution service in Nigeria that help business to go online faster. We understand the web industry well enough to be your next web Hosting Agency Solution in Nigeria who will make sure your website does not go offline. We are reliable web Hosting consultancy Film in Nigeria.Website we host for our client in Nigeria include:

  1. #Blog Website in Nigeria,
  2. #eCommerce Website  in Nigeria
  3. #Company portals in Nigeria
  4. #real Estate website in Nigeria etc 

Remember that you get a free WebHosting and Domain Registration in Nigeria as a Company when you buy any of our premium Digital eCommerce web Asset it could be Web Frame Work like WordPress Theme, Joomla, Drupal or full PHP application or Scripts like Plugin or LMS. We shall give you 1Year from Web Hosting and Domain Registration install the script or web application to ensure it is working well and also tweak basic settings for you so that you can concentrate on building your business instead of dealing with web programming.

4. Premium elearning Academy

We recently Launch Learn Digital [Currently under development as at the time of writing this blog post] Where any person in Nigeria in-respective of any state of resident can learn courses on WebDesign and Development business in Nigeria, Proven online Business that work in Nigeria, Thousand of Skills development that can help you get started in life in Nigeria. Learn Digital was design for both busy and less busy individuals in Nigeria to get involve in learning skills that will start yielding forth fruit after learning it. We use various tools like Web article Content Creation, Videos, Ebooks etc to communicate our training course and you can virtually learn it on your leisure time with your smart phone or laptop.Learn Digital is just like a university where you Learn lucrative business skills but this time you learn it at home and get the same result when you start implementing what you have learn. Click here to start learning.


We are offer huge library of Web Asset because we partner with various international bodies who help to showcase their web Digital access product on our store. Each product being listed on site have Internationale sale discount given to us. In summery to this, we buy most of the script on behalf of our client using our partner affiliate e-channels who offer it in bulk for us. Some Developer and programmer also list their web app here in which we help to sale the Web asset off for immediate profit to the vendor. The only thing Web Digital Solution have done is that we are responsible in making sure the product we sale to you are working fine before we complete your purchase and the only way we enure that is to buy and register your website for you, do installation and Development of the project on your root domain and also due basic site audit for you. We will also teach you on how you can use the Web asset for other future project that is if you choose to buy once and duplicate/ build for your client as a developer. You can visit our Digital eCommerce Hub show room to see the latest web Product to pick for your next web project


Web Digital Solution is owned and operated in Nigeria by E-Network Business Solution Click here to view the company website.


Think of starting that your dream web project in Nigeria and going to one place where you browse through the library of various web Asset, go through the presentation of the Web Asset and even see a live demo of how exactly your website will look like and have an entire project overview before you can kick start your web project your money into the project. Web Digital will help you and give you access to browse through different element of web Digital asset and also make a recommended solution if you wish all in one place. We will also help set up your website, give the web framework for free for absolutely free of charge.


Get that your web project started today in Nigeria by using Web Digital solution huge library of Web Asset.